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Founded in the Chicago area in 1939, Belden has grown from a local machine shop to a leading manufacturer of precision universal joints and drive shaft assemblies supplying the worldwide power transmission market.  With international reach and reliable quality, Belden expanded to servicing a variety of industries with not only a standard product line but custom universal joints and drives for extreme applications. Belden's team of professional design engineers and technical sales department with a focus on customer needs allows Belden to meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations. The continual development and research of product line potential and use of state-of-the-art equipment advances Belden as an industry leader and innovator.



For over 40 years, Belden has supplied the world with the highest quality power transmission products. All Belden products are accurately manufactured to the highest standards set by the industry. Belden practices Total Quality Management to assure quality throughout the manufacturing process and to ensure that the end product meets and exceeds our customer’s expectations 


Through innovated manufacturing processes, team-approach engineering and constant communication with our customers, Belden manufactures solutions. With this complete approach to manufacturing, customers only receive products meeting their exact specifications.


Belden’s growth in the power transmission world-market is due to the commitment of our long time customers and to the foresight of our new customers. All rely on the products they receive from Belden – not only are the products of the highest quality, but they are supplied at the lowest price possible while supported by the excellence of Belden’s customer service.


Belden has far reaching capabilities beyond the superior products of our standard line. Belden is a forward thinking company committed to bring the newest innovation in our field to our customers. We are goal driven; solutions based and constantly strive for customer satisfaction. For every customer challenge, Belden has a solution.



Forward Thinking: A note from the President and Owner

As we look to the year ahead, Belden Universal will continue to move forward, continue to explore and continue to implement the latest in new manufacturing systems and production control technologies.

Our goal is to build upon the overall competitive advantage we've established and to service the very specific needs of our customers, regardless of the industry and markets in which they operate. This will help Belden continue to act as a true partner to our existing OEM and distributing customers, many of whom are seeking greater and greater value from their precision parts vendors. In conjunction, Belden will be able to identify, branch into and penetrate exciting new markets worldwide.

Please joint me at www.BeldenBlog.com to discuss overall trends in manufacturing and my vision. In the Belden Blog, I am constantly on the lookout for recent industry trends, opinion leaders, news, and best-practice examples. What's more, I'd love for you to contribute your own such thoughts and urge you to forward to me any such items you may encounter. 

Thank you for your interest in Belden Universal,

Perry Sainati


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