Belden Universal Joints Overview

The Belden universal joint has become recognized as the most precise and reliable universal joint on the worldwide market today. Belden’s team of professional design engineers are able to create and manufacture universal joints to fill almost any and every application.  Belden universal joints satisfy a broad spectrum of system design requirements and should be considered when engineers are faced with the complicated challenges of today’s manufacturing demands.

Belden Standard Joint Lines

  •  Heavy Duty Universal Joint
  • High Strength Joint
  •  Leveler Style Joint
  •  Stainless Steel joint
  •  Needle Bearing Joint
  •  Military Standard Joint

What is a Universal Joint used for?

  • A universal joint usually transmits torque and motion between shafts with misalignment
  • Types of misalignment are angular, parallel, and axial
  • Some misalignments require more than one joint to be compensated for
  • A universal joint can also be used as a socket bearing that allows free movement of one end while the other end is fixed

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