Packaging, Converting & Conveying

Speed, Precision and Durability for a Wide Array of Applications

Belden offers corrosion resistant universal joints and drive shaft assemblies for the packaging and conveying industry. Packaging and conveying applications require corrosion resistant materials to ensure proper sanitation. Standard alloy steel does not repel caustic substances and can lead to contamination. Belden universal joints can be manufactured to withstand the corrosive environment found in packaging, conveying and food applications while meeting the tough standards set by these industries. Heavy duty, high strength and needle bearing universal joints from Belden fit applications such as packaging, conveying, casing, wrapping, labeling, marking, placing, bottling, canning and inserting. Machined from stainless steel, the universal joints are resistant to sterilizing solutions, nitric acid, inorganic chemicals, foods, and to most organic chemicals and dyes. Stainless steel universal joints offer durability and versatility in any equipment or machine running in harsh environments or exposed to a wash down or water for long periods of time, even in the most extreme operating conditions.

The single universal joint design can be modified to make double butted or true compact double universal joints as well as complete drive shaft assemblies with a telescoping feature for easy on/easy off installation. Needle bearing universal joints provide precise positioning and can operate continuously at high speeds. The needle bearing universal joints come equipped with sealed lubricated needle bearings, making the joints practically maintenance free, while enabling precise positioning at high rpm for extended periods. Hub materials are available in various grades of stainless steel including 303, 304 and 316. Bores can be customized for any inside diameter and depth to attain a blind configuration, preventing shaft penetration into the center joint components and added protection against contamination. The universal joint assembly can also be passivated to remove impurities. Boot covers are recommended in gaseous and abrasive environments for added protection of the pins and block or cross and bearing. Food grade grease to ensure cleaner and safer processing is available upon request. Universal joints can be manufactured in both inch and metric sizes and operating angles up to 35°. Belden’s specialty are custom assemblies made to specific applications and exact operating criteria. Belden provides an extensive line of precision engineered universal joints with complete shaft assemblies for a wide range of applications.

Expertise includes: 
  • Packaging
  • Conveying
  • Casing
  • Wrapping and labeling
  • Bottling and canning




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