Newsworthy Applications from Belden

Aircraft Fuel Valve Actuator Joint

Reverse-engineered universal joint, connecting the control mechanism with the valves that regulate the fuel tank of the plane's engines.

Helicopter Drone Actuator Shaft

Carburetor actuator for remote-control surveillance drone; capable of carrying a payload of 50 KG.  It is deployed in helicopter-based drones.

Paraplegic Care

Miniature medical joints for wearable robotic exoskeletons. Supports powered hip and knee motion in individuals with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), enabling them to stand upright and walk.


Universal joint used in 'crash test dummies' to help determine the extent of bodily harm caused by the impact. This small component is 0.937 inches in length, with a 0.375 outside diameter, threaded end and is capable of bending in any direction.

Aircraft Torque-Tube Assembly


Custom-designed torque-tube assembly for High-Lift Acutation Systems. Satisfies stringent quality requirements such as the 1.3-degree max. backlash over extended life cycles of 25,000 flight hours (translating to years).

 Subsea Valve Actuation

The joint is mounted on the outside of the ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle). The male end of the joint connects to and actuates the valve - turning no more than 100NM of torque. The spring ensures that the joint remains axially straight and can interface with the valve.

Paper Manufacturing

Universal joint for paper manufacturing machinery, connecting two headboxes to the motor. All components made from 316L stainless steel to resist corrosion from maintenance washdowns. The component was outfitted with a flange connection and mating part to suit the mounting and installation requirements. Lubrication fittings and distribution system was added for re-lubrication after washdowns. 


High-Torque Metal Forming

High-strength, high-torque capacity, short-coupled universal joint. Hubs provide connection between the rollers and the gear box. Ideal alternative for Gray & Prior discontinued universal joints. All components are heat-treated and precision ground. Hubs are outfitted with blind square bores. 

Underwater Testing

The function of this universal joint is the precise positioning of an under-water test probe. The joint rotates less than a revolution and is manufactured for minimal backlash. Xylan coating provides a corrosion and lubrication-free solution.


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