January 2018

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Belden Universal Gelenke für Luft- und Raumfahrtanwendungen

Belden Universal's Aerospace & Military Standard Universal Joints are manufactured to withstand the most demanding operating conditions, the harshest working environments and require little maintenance in the field. These universal joints are specifically designed and precisely manufactured for a variety of applications including high lift actuation and control mechanisms for aircraft where low deflection rates, high strength-to-weight ratios and long service life are essential.

Belden customizes high-strength pin and block universal joints and drive shaft assemblies using a variety of hub and connection methods, internal and external splines.

Military Standard (MS) Universal Joints
Belden’s military universal joints meet and exceed MIL-J-6193 specifications. In special cases when measured against stringent quality controls, Belden’s standard military universal joints can also be deployed in aerospace applications, including positioning, flap control and operation. Belden Universal is  ISO 9001:2008 Certified.
Belden Universal has achieved AS9100C Certification for manufacturing products in compliance with the highest global quality system for providing safe and reliable products to the Aircraft, Space and Defense (AS&D) industry. In certain aspects, Belden’s capabilities surpass some of the most stringent AS9100 standards. Read Press Release.
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Materials and special coatings for high strength-to-weight ratio and extreme corrosive environments include precipitation hardened stainless steel, cadmium or zinc plated alloy steel, 17-4 / 15-5 PH stainless steel, aluminum, aircraft grade alloys and marine grade 316 and 316L stainless steel.
Paperless Inspection
For easier maintenance of data, Belden transitioned to a paperless inspection system. As opposed to traditional paper records where the operator manually checks off inspection and tool requirements, the software automates, simplifies and speeds up procedures and allows all members of the production team to view live data at any time. It specifies what features to measure, the proper tools for measuring and selects inspection specifications for the various features and pieces.
In-House Testing
To ensure the optimal performance of parts through thousands of operation cycles, Belden custom-manufactured a state-of-the-art in-house testing machine which provides immediate feedback on performance. Belden’s setup is exceptionally efficient, with a superior test cell that benefits customers through faster delivery times and lower costs.


Innovative Universal Joints and Drive Shaft Assemblies for Harsh Marine Environments

Harsh marine environments call for corrosion-resistant, easy-to-maintain components.

Belden's stainless steel universal joints and drive shafts provide exceptional corrosion resistance. To keep the moving parts lubricated and free of debris, they can be outfitted with lubricant-retailing boot covers, or with dry-film lubrication.

Our standard stainless steel joints are manufactured with AISI 303 stainless steel yokes and AISI 416 steel pins and blocks. They can be modified with AISI 304, 316, 17-4 and 15-5, to meet specific applications’ requirements. Specialty stainless steel, including super-duplex, is also available for additional strength and corrosion resistance.

Joint diameters range from 1/2 " (13 mm) to 6" (153 mm) with a standard operating angle of 45°.

Specialty drive shafts with various end hub configurations are also available.

Coated joints and drive shafts

Specialty stainless, bronze, booted or dry-lube coated joints and drive shafts


Application Examples: 
  • Bow Thrusters
  • Valve Actuation
  • Opening and Closing 

Reliability through Precision and Innovation

Belden offers custom universal joints and drive shaft assembles for the Nuclear Power Industry.  Nuclear Power has a variety of applications that require complex and regulatory standards.  Belden has had the opportunity to work on such applications from reactor safety valves to glove boxes used in reprocessing material.  Through innovative manufacturing processes, team-approach engineering and close communication with our customers, Belden was able to deliver superior solutions for the Nuclear Power Industry.

Application Examples: 
  • Reactor safety valves
  • Glove boxes

The Concept and Importance of Universal Joint Phasing and Drive Shaft Alignment

Phasing is the process of aligning the universal joint yokes on both ends of the drive shaft (or double u-joint)in a parallel fashion. If the joints are not properly phased, they will operate at varying speeds throughout each revolution which can cause second-order vibrations. The vibration can lead to increased wear and potential damage to the assembly and failure of the application.

Belden’s trained technicians properly phase the universal joints onto the shaft during assembly, ensuring that the inbound vs outbound shaft of the universal joint assembly operate at near-constant velocity, minimizing vibration, noise and premature wear of the joints.


Driveshaft alignment diagram

To further support near-constant velocity, driving and driven shafts are required to be aligned in either the “W” formation (equal true angles) or “Z” formation (parallel). It is important that the drive shaft is not angled further in a '3rd dimension'. ” In addition to diminished velocity and reduced efficiency, improper shaft alignment contributes to failure of the shaft components and even the application itself.

A word of caution: even though driving and driven shafts are now at constant velocity, this is not true for the center section – that still fluctuates which can cause problems at elevated speeds of @ 4000 RPM.

Please reach out to our technical sales and engineers to answer any questions and assist you with the alignment and phasing of your universal joints. 





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