Military Universal Joints

Precisely what you need for mission-critical applications

Our universal joints and drive shafts are designed to deliver against the most stringent specifications and withstand the harshest operational environments.


Military Standard Universal Joints

  • Belden one of few certified MS2027x, QPL listed universal joint manufacturers
  • Extensive range of tests in government approved labs
  • Products meet or exceed MIL-J6193 specifications
  • When measured against stringent quality controls, MS products can be deployed in aerospace applications

Armored Fighting Vehicles

A special drive shaft connects the engine directly with the compressor of the climate control system. Quick and easy removal and installation is guaranteed by custom design.


Heavy-Duty Series


Light-Duty Series

Application Examples: 
  • Turret Operation
  • Missile Launch Mechanisms
  • Control and Shift Linkeage 
  • Aircraft Applications
  • Fuel Conrol
  • Cooling Systems
  • Remote Robotic Arm Control 
  • Motion Simulation
  • Auxillary Systems
  • Hinges and Latches
  • Testing and more


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