Are you frustrated when your universal joints don´t hold up as expected?
You are not alone!

Engineers and maintenance managers frequently turn to Belden Universal for assistance when their lower quality or poorly designed joints result in system failure and unexpected machine downtime. We at BELDEN want to help to ensure this does not happen to you again.

Check out some common u-joint problems and our solutions:


Depending on the level of humidity in the enviroment, components can corrode over time, even without exposure to harsh substances ...

Mechanical Wear

Contamination on the joint components by debris is a frequent cause of mechanical wear ...

Friction and Heat Generation

Pin and block universal joints often used in industrial applications operate with friction between the component surfaces ...

Torsional Backlash (Play)

Heavy loads, shocks, vibrations due to misalignment, and material wear can lead to loose play (backlash) within the bearings which can ultimately lead to joint failure ...

If you are looking for solutions, please check out our Common Universal Joint Problems guide


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