Mechanical Power Transmission Components for Complex Applications

Aerospace Applications - Military, Commercial, Private

Quality Compliant Stainless & Miniature Precision Joints

Precise Positioning, Durability, Easy Changeovers

Corrosion and Wear Resistance for Harsh Environments


About Belden Universal

Belden Universal is a globally leading manufacturer of high-complexity universal joints and drive-shaft assemblies. Cutting edge, innovative manufacturing technologies and processes provide Belden the flexibility to produce custom parts just as cost-effectively as high-volume standard universal joints. Capabilities include customized hub configuration, length or the complete redesign of joints for special applications.  Read More

Standard Universal Joints

The Belden universal joint has become recognized as the most precise and reliable joint on the global market today. Stand-alone joints or drive shaft assemblies are manufactured in a wide range of configurations and materials.
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Custom Universal Joints

Belden’s prime specialty is the design and manufacture of high complexity mechanical power transmission products. Our award-winning design team delivers products to fit virtually any criteria and application.
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  • Spring-reinforced universal joint for remotely-operated subsea valve actuation.

  • Square-bored double joint for high-torque metal processing applications.

  • Wash-down safe stainless universal joint for paper manufacturing.

  • Xylan-coated, corrosion-resitant stainless joint, for the precise positioning of a water-submerged test probe. 

  • Miniature medical joints for wearable robotic exoskeletons.







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