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High-Strength Universal Joints

Belden’s High Strength universal joints are recommended for high-torque applications (e.g. drilling, tapping, packaging, test cells, etc.) They are also suitable for accommodating larger shaft diameters. These friction-bearing joints are constructed with short & long pin design and a rivet. This has the advantage of using pins of equal diameters for both axes, making the joint stronger. High Strength universal joints provide exceptional service life for the most demanding applications.


  • High-quality joints for high-torque applications
  • Friction (plain) bearing
  • Breaking Torque: 53.7 - 12429 Nm for single and 48.3 - 11186 Nm for double Joints
  • Operating Speed: up to 1000 RPM (depending on lubrication)
  • Made from high grade alloy steel
  • Short pin/long pin design with rivet
  • Hardened & ground yoke ears, block & pins
High Strength Single Universal Joint

High Strength Single Universal Joint

High Strength Single Universal Joint - Exploded View

High Strength Single Universal Joint - Exploded View

Universal joints can be customized by bores, keyways, special hub configurations. They can be manufactured from a wide variety materials and finished with specialty coatings and platings. Components can be outfitted with lubricant retaining boots, containing specialty lubricants for a variety of industries and applications.

Customization options for universal joints: