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Who We Are

Belden Universal (Belden Tools, Inc.) is a leading manufacturer of high-quality special-purpose universal joints (also called Cardan joints), driveshaft assemblies and couplings made to customers’ exact specifications. Purpose-built, innovative manufacturing technologies and processes provide Belden the flexibility to produce small batches and custom assemblies just as cost-effectively as high-volume standard universal joints. Capabilities include customized hub configuration, custom length, or the complete redesign of joints for special applications. Belden Universal delivers solutions to a wide array of industries and applications where mechanical power is transmitted and high precision is demanded. Belden Universal u-joints are available in heavy duty, high strength, leveler strength or needle bearing designs, and can be manufactured from a broad array of materials and finished with specialized platings or dry-film lubricants. Belden Universal was established in 1997 and is headquartered in Hillside, IL, USA. Click here to read about the History of Belden Universal.


Belden Universal is an AS9100D certified manufacturer of U Joints and Driveshafts. For over 25 years, Belden has supplied the world with the highest quality specialty universal joints and driveshafts, satisfying the most stringent industry standards. Belden universal joints are manufactured from high-grade alloy and stainless steel on advanced CNC machinery. They are available with any one of a variety of finishes such as cadmium, black oxide, manganese phosphate, zinc phosphate and nickel plating. Belden's strict adherence to the AS9100 standard assures quality throughout the manufacturing process and ensures that the end product meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations.


Belden universal joints are designed and manufactured from components that are precision machined, ground, hardened, and designed to guarantee closely held tolerances. Precision manufacturing ensures that Belden u joints will perform optimally with long life and minimal backlash, even in the most challenging operating conditions. 


Our long history of success speaks well for the reliability of each Belden universal joint. For more than 25 years, Belden u joints have been specified by engineers who have come to rely on the quality and durability Belden offers.


Although most Belden single, double and special universal joints are machined from high-quality alloy steel and designed in conventional assemblies, today’s varied applications often call for special materials, finishes, sizes, and hub configurations. When designing stock or custom assemblies, Belden engineers can assist the designer in choosing the optimal combination of materials and finishes to solve virtually any unique application.