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Universal Joints for Defense Applications

Precisely what you need for mission-critical applications

Our universal joints (also called cardan joints) and drive shafts are designed to deliver against the most stringent specifications and withstand the harshest operational environments.

Military Standard Universal Joints

  • Belden one of few certified MS2027x, QPL listed universal joint manufacturers
  • Extensive range of tests in government approved labs
  • Products meet or exceed MIL-DTL-6193 specifications
  • When measured against stringent quality controls, MS products can be deployed in aerospace applications

Armored fighting vehicle

Armored Fighting Vehicles

A special drive shaft connects the engine directly with the compressor of the climate control system. Quick and easy removal and installation is guaranteed by custom design.


Heavy-Duty Series MS20271

Heavy Duty series MS20271


Light-Duty Series MS20270

Light Duty series MS20270

Application Examples: 
  • Turret Operation and Positioning
  • Missile Launch Mechanisms
  • Control and Shift Linkeage 
  • Aircraft Applications
  • Fuel Control
  • Cooling Systems
  • Remote Robotic Arm Control 
  • Motion Simulation
  • Auxillary Systems
  • Hinges and Latches
  • Testing and more