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Pin & Block Type Needle-Bearing, Alloy

Pin & Block Type Needle Bearing

Belden's unique 'hybrid' pin & block type needle-bearing design combines the higher torque capacity of friction-bearing (pin & block) joints with the needle-bearing’s ability to continuously operate at higher speeds with less wear, and lower backlash. It is better suited for high side-loads and operating angles than the cross & bearing style joints.


  • Outside Diameter:  0.75"- 2.50" [19-50 mm]
  • Operating Speed: up to 6000 RPM
  • Operating Angle: up to 45°
  • Near-zero backlash, low friction & wear
  • Needle bearings lubricated for lifetime of the joint
  • Yoke Material: high-grade alloy steel
  • Material for Pins & Blocks: high-grade alloy steel, hardened and precision-ground
  • Hub ends available with several standard bore configurations (plain bore, keyway, hex- and square bore)

Available as Double Joint and Telescoping Drive Shaft on request.

Torque Values by Outside Diameter
Nominal OD (in) Max. Operating Torque Lb-in [N-m] Ultimate Torque Lb-in [N-m]
n/a n/a n/a
Product Diagram