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Double Universal Joints

What is a Double Universal Joint?

When a single universal joint is insufficient to compensate for all misalignment, a combination of joints can offer a suitable solution.

The Belden double universal joint (double Cardan joint) provides the same reliability and service life as the single universal joint with a maximum combined working angle of 90°. Double universal joints provide accurate positioning and flexibility under higher operating angles.

Double U Joints take lower loads than single joints; this is a recommendation by the joint standard due to the additional bending moments and forces that are applied to the center section and which are transferred to the joints as additional loads.

Belden's double u joints are available in a wide variety of materials and finishes. Lubricant retaining boots are recommended for operation in corrosive environments.

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Double Universal Joint

Double Universal Joint

Double Universal Joint Exploded View

Double Universal Joint Exploded View

Double Universal Joint Customization

Our double universal joints can be customized by bores, keyways, special hub configurations. They can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials and finished with specialty coatings and platings. Double u joint components can be outfitted with lubricant retaining boots, containing specialty lubricants for a variety of industries and applications.

Available customization options for universal joints: