Pin & Block Universal Joints

Pin & Block universal joints are simple, cost efficient and can carry high loads at low bearing speeds. However, they tend to be more difficult to lubricate and heat generated by the friction can be a problem down the road due to wear or galling. If so, self-lubricating or porous & lube-soaked materials can be an effective option. Plain bearings can be adapted to the application by using materials such as alloys, stainless steel, or a combination of harder & softer materials like Brass, Bronze, or PTFE.

  • Available design options are Heavy Duty, High Strength, Stainless Steel, Leveler Strength, Military Standard & Pin & Block Needle-Bearing
  • Pin & Block universal joints contain two yokes and the center block, secured with pins, snap rings or rivets (as shown in the first picture)
  • Pin & Block Needle-Bearing joints feature roller bearings and bushings in the pin and block design (as shown in the second picture)

Pin & Block Universal Joint

Pin & Block Needle-Bearing Universal Joint


Universal joints can be customized by bores, keyways, special hub configurations. They can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials and finished with specialty coatings and platings. Components can be outfitted with lubricant retaining boots, containing specialty lubricants for a variety of industries and applications.

Customization options for universal joints:


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