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Stainless-Steel Double Universal Joints

Belden’s stainless double universal joints provide the same reliability and service life as the single universal joints, with a maximum combined working angle of 90°. Double universal joints provide accurate positioning and flexibility under higher operating angles. The joint yokes are 303 and the pins & blocks are hardened 416 stainless steel to provide higher strength and improved wear resistance. Components can be made from other grades of stainless steel. For additional environmental protection, pins & blocks can be covered by lubricant retaining boots.

Does your application require extreme corrosion protection? Click here for information on specialty stainless steel options.


  • Outside Diameter: 0.37"-4.00" [9.4mm-100mm] 
  • Operating Speed: up to 1000 RPM (depending on lubrication)
  • Operating Angle: up to 90° (45° per joint)
  • Minimal Play
  • Regular re-lubrication required or joint can be fitted with grease packed boots.
  • Material for Yokes: Stainless Steel AISI 303 [EU/DIN 1.4305 ] precision honed & ground
  • Material for Pins & Blocks: Stainless Steel AISI 416 [EU/DIN 1.4005] hardened and precision ground
  • Hub ends available with several standard bore configurations (plain bore, keyway, hex- and square bore)

Our universal joints can be customized by bores, keyways, special hub configurations. They can be manufactured from a wide variety materials and finished with specialty coatings and platings. Components can be outfitted with lubricant retaining boots, containing specialty lubricants for a variety of industries and applications.

Available customization options for universal joints: