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Universal Joints for Packaging & Conveying

Speed, Precision, Durability

Belden's engineering team delivers custom design solutions to any operational and engineering challenge you might face. Our corrosion-resistant stainless steel universal joints repel caustic substances - thereby eliminating corrosion and reduce the chances of contamination. 

Qualities of a Belden Joint

  • Extended Operational Cycles
  • Percise Positioning at High RPM
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Wide Array of Materials and Coatings
  • Stainless Steel Option
  • Variety of Hub Configurations

Why Work with Belden?

  • Innovative Design Solutions
  • Award-Winning Production Team
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Extensive Testing Capabilities
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
  • Best Overall ROI




needle bearing universal joint   Delta robot universal joint
Belden Universal’s needle bearing joints deliver precise positioning at high RPMs for extended periods of time. They are outfitted with roller bearings that reduce friction, thereby minimize torsional backlash. Stainless steel joints offer resistance to corrosive substances and reduce contamination issues.   This advanced hybrid design combines the higher torque capacity of a pin + block joint with the needle bearing's ability to continuously operate at higher speeds with low friction. The stainless steel and composite bearing structure eliminates corrosion issues, contamination, burnout, and joint seizure.




drive shaft assemblies

  Booted universal joint
Drive shaft assemblies are the ideal solution for axial and parallel misalignment or applications where axial movement is required during rotation and power transmission. The telescoping feature provides flexible length as needed. The optional spring loaded and quick release features enable quick installation.   Boots provide added protection in harsh environments, extending the life of the joint. Lubricant retaining boots will prolong the useful life of an assembly by a factor of as much as five. They can contain various application specific grease and oil options, including food-grade grease.
Application Examples: 
  • Wrapping 
  • Taping
  • Labeling
  • Pick & Place
  • Conveyors
  • Bottle Capping
  • Bag & Bottle Filling
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