Drilling & Tapping

Universal Joints and Spindles for Drilling and Tapping Equipment

Belden Inc. was originally founded as a manufacturer of multiple spindle drill and tap machines, so our expertise in this area is unparalleled.

In addition to drilling spindles, we also offer needle-bearing universal joints for continuous, high-RPM applications, or high-strength pin and block style universal joints for high-torque requirements. A variety of materials, surface finishes, bore sizes and bore configurations are available as single and double joints or telescopic drive shafts for quick change-overs.

Application Examples: 
  • Simple Drilling & Tapping Machines
  • NATCO, Commander, ETTCO, Jarvis, Johnson, U.S. Drill, Deka Drills, etc.


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4100 Madison Street

Hillside, IL 60162

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