Drilling and Tapping

Needle Bearing Universal Joints for Machine Tools

Belden specifically designs universal joints to meet the harsh demands of the machine tool industry. Belden’s Universal Joints are found in all types of machine tools, including everything from simple drilling and tapping machines to Swiss-style screw machines. Belden can develop needle bearing universal joints for continuous, high rpm applications or high-strength, pin and block style universal joints to handle the high torque demands of drilling and tapping applications. A variety of materials, surface finishes, bore sizes and bore configurations are available in single or double telescoping drive shaft design options for “quick change” capability. Belden can provide precise, reliable, high-quality universal joints and complete assemblies manufactured to meet your exact design, delivery and budgetary specifications.

Application Examples: 
  • Simple drilling & tapping machines
  • Swiss-style screw machines
  • High-RPM applications


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